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Adrian Hour

Adrian Hour

Adrian Hour – the leader of musicians performing South American techno music. He is from Buenos Aires. He started to perform when he was eighteen. The year 2013 was the year of his first single "Speaking Groove EP" release. He was working with the exclusive brands as Stereo Productions, Toolroom, Yoshitoshi, Suara. Adrian is fond of making music. He is inspired when creating it. Trying to find that inspiration elsewhere, he discovered travelling for himself and learning about the cultures helped him to push his creativity at the new levels and new dimensions. Adrian is the workaholic who put all his efforts into his projects to release. Such a popular artists as Moby, Richie Hawtin, Mark Knight, Sam Paganini played his modern masterpieces. The most important year for Adrian was 2013, because this year he started the world tour. He visited Svojšice in Czech Republic where he was playing after such a big idols of the world techno music as Marc Romboy, Gary Beck, Cris Liebling, Ida Engberg and closed the Prague Festival.




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