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Antoine Clamaran

Antoine Clamaran

Antoine Clamaran. He was born on November 8, 1964. He is from France, Villeurbanne. He performs house music and creates music remixes. He became as famous on the beginning of the 90's and occupied position as the head of the radio station Maximum FM. The first album he has released was Spotlight (release date – June 22, 2009).He has many fans. He created the tunes named D-Plac, LAC, Carayca, 400 Hz. As a deejay he changed his residency from Palace to Le Queen. In 1998 he created three club hits as the performer Omega - "Peace and Harmony", "Dreaming Of A Better World" and "The Mission". Other tunes - Get Up and Do The Funk were licensed by American label. Antoine Clamaran is now the owner of the four labels. He won the charts successfully with Vibration INC in 2000. He performs at Les Bains Douches and Le Queen – nightclubs in Paris. The leading single from his 2009 album Spotlight, named "Gold", ranked the fifth position in Moscow and in Russia.




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