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Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren. He was born in Leiden on December 25, 1976 in the family of musicians. Since his childhood, he uses computer writing the programs and studying technology, making mixes for his friends. Despite having a Master’s degree in Law he choose music! Now the world has a great DJ, producer and musician from the Netherlands. He writes songs and creates remixes. Armin van Buuren created the show aired on the radio station since 2001 called A State of Trance and became popular all over the world. Trance music was interesting to people. Van Buuren was the number one for a long time in DJ Mag top chart, a bit later he obtained Grammy award for his single "This Is What It Feels Like". Then – established Armada Music label - together with Maykel Piron and David Lewis (Ar-Ma-Da). His big talent and passion to play music helped him to stay on the top. His influence on the world of trance music is amazing. It is possible to say that he is the most popular and unique DJ in the world. His fame is unbound, his life is extraordinary, his success in international.




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