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DubVision - the duo from the Netherlands performing the house music and composed of two brothers. Victor Leicher was born in1989, Stephan Leicher was born 1981. They signed to the labels Spinnin' Records, Axtone Records, Revealed Recordings. The brothers started to visit the music school at the age of seven to play the piano. Later the younger btother Vitor started to perform electronic music as the experiment; he used computer programs to create music. Then the elder brother became interested in Victor’s hobby. And they came into conclusion they need to create a group and named it as DubVision. The most famous tracks of DubVision: You and I, Committed To Sparkle Motion, Redux, Into the Light. They collaborated with Sander van Doorn, Feenixpawl, Martin Garrix. In 2014, their track ranked as first at Beatport number one chart track. The same year DubVision took part in the festival Tomorrowland conducted in Belgium.




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