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Sascha Braemer

Sascha Braemer

Sascha Braemer. He is a deejay and record producer from Berlin, Germany. He was born in 1975. He produced tech house and electronic music. In 1990, he started his music career and produced electronic dance music. The next step was deejaying. Later, he has created the group composed of him and his friend and named Heinrichs and Hirtenfellner, then duo Nicone and Sascha Braemer. His debut single titled India Flowers released on the Dekadent label he was signed. This track ranked the top charts as well as the tracks such as Ghost Hand, GoLoco, Dirty Talk, Some Sweat that became internationally known. Sascha signed also for the record label Dirtybird. The track Nur Mal Kurz – performed by Nicone and Sascha Braemer – was aired on the radio and was the top hit. Another to listen from Sascha: Thank You, Supdub, Midday Garden, Secrets and Lies. In 2015 he released the debut solo album titled No Home.




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