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Umek Uroš Umek. He was born May 16, 1976 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He is a dance music composer, deejay. He has started his music career in 1993. He owns several music labels. In 1999, he established the record labels such as Consumer Recreation, Recycled Loops and the sublabel Earresistible Musick (two years later). In 2007, Umek established the techno label titled1605. Three years later, he was awarded as Best Techno Artist (Beatport Music Awards), in 2013 - Best Techno DJ (EMPO Awards), Best Techno Track (International Dance Music Awards), in 2014 - Best Techno/Tech House Artist. He signed for Spinnin' Records, Ultra Records. He collaborated with artists - Groovebox, Waka Flocka. He ranked 29 position of the TOP 100 DJs - in 2007 and placed at Top 10 Techno DJs.




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