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Metanoia Music

Metanoia Music

Metanoia Music. The main genre – progressive house and techno. It is an independent record music label. The label Metanoia Music was founded in 2013. It is located in Basingstoke, the United Kingdom. Under the label there were many successful releases of Zane, Faruk Sabanci, Paris and Simo – Zone. The famous artists supported the label – Ralvero, Nurettin Colak. They had a great contribution to the label and helped to get into the music industry. Mell Tierra, Nurettin Colak, charted the top tracks. The main singles released under the label – MTTS (Alvaro, Reid Stefan), Be The One (Faruk Sabanci, Zane Fischer), Go Ahead (Jebu), Rhythm Is Love (Holl and Rush).




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