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ABCDEEP Records. Genre of the tracks released – house, deep house, nu disco. Under the name of the label – the famous team of musicians, deejays and additionally the popular radio show. The motto of the label – Music for friends. Since 2014 ABCDEEP is the resident of the best club of Moscow titled Estrada. Tasty Cookie is the founder and the main creator of the most famous label ABCDEEP in Moscow. ABCDEEP was nominated on TOP 100 DJ 2015, according to opinion Alfa People Awards. The first release of ABCDEEP records got more than ten thousand likes for the first two weeks of rotating. The frontman Tasty Cookies making the unique tracks and remixes played in the clubs, on the radio, not only in the entity of Russia. The tracks are especial; he made remixes for Chemical Brothers, Starkillers. Now the headliner of the label ABCDEEP is the same – Tasty Cookies. Nowadays, ABCDEEP records, is a jeading label regarding modern deep House and Nu Disco. The artists released under this label are - Noisy Bears, Benny Royal, Richard Scholtz, ID.




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