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Bunny Tiger

Bunny Tiger

BunnyTiger. Releases under this label was charted by Tube and Berger, Shiba San, Phonique, the others. Sharam Jey, Berlin, Germany found house. The record label titled Bunny Tiger genres of release – Tech house, in 2012. The main motto of the record label Bunny Tiger is to supply all deejay tools, from deejay to deejay. In a short time period Bunny Tiger received many feedbacks from all around the world. The label received a great support from some of the most famous deejays such as Solomon, Jaimie Jones. Its sublabel titled Bunny Tiger Dubs. Top tracks performed by - Frey (Good Times), Younotus (Jump On It), Natema (Freaks In D-Pressure), Sharam Jey (I Can Tell You, Yo Baby).




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