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Disciple. Members of the group Dodge and Fuski (Rob) and the group Astronaut (Rossy) founded the label in Bristol. Disciple is a label released bass and electronic music. The main artists released tracks on the label are Diamond Eyes, Barely Alive, Habstrakt. The label Disciple was founded in 2013. Disciple Recordings had a rapid growth and became a leader in bass music. In 2014, Disciple Recordings has become the sixth best Dubstep label selling in the world, the second best-selling Glitch Hop label in the world. During 2 years, the label Disciple released many tracks and remixes from Mayhem, Pegboard Nerds, Culprate, Joe Ford, Datsik, Habstrakt, Eptic, Far Too Loud, Nick Thayer, Fox Stevenson, Getter, Xilent, Phetsta. In addition, the groups as Dodge and Fuski, Barely Alive, Astronaut, Diamond Eyes, Virtual Riot. Disciple collaborated with leading labels such as Monstercat, Firepower Records.




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