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Erase Records

Erase Records

Erase Records. The label Erase Records was founded in 2003 as Wasabi Runs Erase Records. The main genres - tech house, house, dance music. The label is famous in the United Kingdom, Germany, Thailand, Greece. The label released the hit Feeling For You. This hit ranked the first place at Top 100 Indie Dance Beatport chart and 25 position on Top 100 All Beatport chart. Many compilations released worldwide. The musicians from Brazil, Germany, UK, Greece, Belgium, and Switzerland charted the label. The most famous are: Enzo Siffredi, Hawaiian Boy, Wasabi, Sugar Hill, Rafael Cerato. The label received support from Funkagenda, Andre Crom, Pleasurekraft, Terry Francis, Joyce Muniz, Kellerkind, James Silk, Round Table Knights, The Mechanism, Tom Flynn, Betoko, Zombie Disco Squad, Jamie Andrerson, David Keno, Ardalan, Tom Budden, David Jones, Dave Seaman, Danny Krivit, Kolombo, Dan Castro, Detlef.




From September 1, 2018 we are forced to increase prices.

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