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G-Mafia Records

G-Mafia Records

G-Mafia Records. The record label G-Mafia Records is the biggest label in Brazil and founder of the G-House genre known well globally. Music was performed in clubs in the United States and Brazil: Club 33, Sound and Nightclub, Clash Club, Park Art. The track Can U performed by Saccao, Antonio Santana and Heavy Pins ranked the top at Indie Dance and Nu Disco chart on Beatport. Almost a month it was ranked the top ten. Another track of the same artists Just Like That ranked 4th position on at Indie Dance and Nu Disco chart on Beatport. The main track released on G-Mafia: Could Be (David Museen, An-Beat), Heavy (Lowkicks), No Problem (Macaulay Velasquez), See That Girl (Papa Marlin, Leverage Ships), The Funk (Anderson Beher).




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