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Monstercat. Mike Darlington and Ari Paunonen in Julky 2011 founded the label. The main genre – electronic dance music. This independent music label is hailing from Vancouver, Canada. The previous name is Monstercat Media. The first album of the compilations of the label included the tunes of the artists - Halo Nova, Feint, Ephixa, Neilio, Stephen Walking, Going Quantum, Arion. In 2011, Krewella - the electronic dance music group from the USA - signed for the label Monstercat. The first single of Krewella titled Killin It and was released under the label. The label promoted Krewella, in many events and partnered YouTube. Monstercat promoted many artists around the world. The radio station was established under the label. The first album of the label titled Launch Week.




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