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PornoStar Records

PornoStar Records

PornoStar Records This label was founded in 1998 in Budapest, Hungary. The famous artists released their tracks through the label – Tommyboy, Cuartero, Black Legend, Stuart Ojelay, Tommyboy, Tom Forester, Joey Chicago, Misty, Joey Chicago. The top tracks provided by Dave Kurtis, Daniel Harrison (Don't Say), Ivan Pica and Rousseau (Elements), Crazibiza (Back2House, Banana Pop, Beatbox, Born), Tommyboy (Can you feel it), Fadi (Dave Gets No Money). The label is well known internationally. The label PornoStar Records reached over fifty releases. The label includes releases of Tommyboy, Muzzaik, Belocca, Workidz, Trentemoller, Sultan.




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