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Showland Records

Showland Records

Showland Records. The founder of the label Showland Records is a famous Russian deejay and producer named Swanky Tunes who is the head of the label. The famous artists released their tracks through the label – Rudy Owen, Hank and Charles, Charlie Stewart, Starla Parrish, Darrell Dodson, Charlie Stewart, Troy Hess, Corey James. The main singles released under the label - Who Will Her Love Be Tonight, Shoe's Of A Man, Money Tree, Rule The Nation. The top artists supported the label - Swanky Tunes, Modern Machines, JuicyTrax, Techno Logic, Nurettin Colak. The top tracks - Keep the Vibe, Come Together, Dance with Lions, Feel It, Lifeline, Throw Your Hearts Up.




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